Southwind QuailRize SharpMtn Proudly We Hail  
Ch. Bulkley Nectemere Nectimide SH X Ch. Southwind's Special Edition
Hailey with Handler Aslynn Rose 6 mo.
Hailey 10 months
Ch. Bulkley Nectemere Nectimide SH  
"Duncan"  owned by Greg Hostetter/Gulkley
Ch. Southwind's Special Edition "Jenna"  
owned by Susan and Jason Nipper
8 Weeks when we drove to Atlanta to pick
her up
4 Days Old
2 Weeks Old
5 Weeks Old
6 Weeks
Hailey was co bred bySusan and Jason Nipper at QuailRize GSP's and Lara and Jimms Spears at SharpMtn GSP's
Sweepstakes winner GS:P Club of San
Hailey gets her championship at 1 year old