Am/Intl. CH. Southwind's Mega Fiesta MH
DC Lieblinghaus Odyssey Air Jordan JH x Ch Southwind's Serenade CD JH
Meg on point at 4
In the field at 4 months.
With Grandaughter Ruby at 3
Meg is a joy to hunt with or run in a hunt test and a great family dog.  She is a Master Hunter
and an AKC and International show Champion.  She completed her Junior Hunter in 4 our of 4,
her Senior Hunter in 6 out of 6 and her Master Hunter in 6 out of 8 tests.  Meg is now training
for agility which is a new area for both of us.  She is 21 3/4 inches tall and her weight is about 49
lbs.  Her hips are OFA Excellent and Elbows OFA Normal, she is CD clear by parentage.
Meg's first show point
Meg gets her Master Hunter title
passing 6 our of 8 tests
Meg is named Hunting Dog of the Year by
Gulf Coast German Shorthaired Pointer Club
two years in a row