Puppy Socialization
Puppies with quail before eyes open
Puppies with Granddaughters Ruth & Ruby
Puppies with quail in cage 5 wks
Puppies in tunnel 4 1/2 wks
Puppies in pool 5 wks
Ruby teaches puppies balance  5 1/2 wks
Puppy learning A frame 6 wks
Playing on A frame at 6 1/2 wks
Slide is added at 7 wks
Taking a nap after playtime in den
   Pedigrees are important when choosing a puppy, so are health checks, we believe how a puppy is raised
during it's first weeks is just as important.  Ask your breeder lots of questions and expect them to ask you
just as many.  Our puppies are born and raised inside our home they are handled every day.  We believe that
puppy socializaiton in the early weeks is a very important stage of a dog's life.  We begin with stimulation at
one day old using the
early neurological stimulation method developed by Carmen Battaglia and use the
socialization techniques developed by Corally Burmaster.      
    When puppies reach 4 weeks old we begin to introduce them to new situations and environments.  
Between 4 and 5 weeks we begin individual time with each puppy in learning situations such as following
directions and retrieving.  Each day something new is added and as the puppies grow the activities become
more advanced.   We belive this makes a well balanced, bold, and adaptable dog that knows how to learn
and react to new situations.  During this time we also work on their hunting skills by exposing them to quail
ealry and often.  We suggest you keep up the training when they go to their new homes
    We train and get titles on our dogs to prove their qualities but those titles are also an indication to puppy
buyers that the breeder spends time with their dogs and does not just use them as a puppy producing
machines.   If you want a companion dog, a show dog, or a hunting dog, they are a part of your family for
many years, always be careful and choose a reputable breeder there are many good breeders out there.  Dogs
with good pedigrees and health checks can be overbred and treated like livestock so never be embarassed to
ask questions.